About Carl


Born in Middlesbrough, England, Carl always had a fixation with music. Beginning his musical career at an early age playing the drums, he soon turned his attention to writing lyrics, which were always accompanied by a melody and chord sequence in his head. As he grew older, and inspired by his favourite band The Cure, he took up learning to play the guitar. Almost hand in hand with the guitar, he became proficient on keyboards and bass guitar. Now in his teen years, he was regularly writing and recording his own songs on his school’s small 4-track recorder. He was sending numerous demos off to record companies but without any success.


As Carl reached his twenties, his song writing had improved considerably and he was now recording songs in his local recording studio. He continued to send out demos but, although he was receiving some positive feedback and even

some interest from a few labels, only one deal ever materialised. Unfortunately, Carl was strongly advised by a music lawyer to reject the offer. Carl was also starting to gig more frequently, sometimes solo, sometimes with a backing band. Though mostly based in and around his native Teesside, he still managed to pull numerous slots within London’s acoustic scene. He also performed at two of Teesside’s biggest music festivals on many occasions. Middlesbrough Music Live and the Stockton Riverside Festival attracted names such as Razorlight, Keane, Supergrass, Steve Harley, Badly Drawn Boy, to name a few, and Carl’s name would regularly appear on the same bill.


By the time he was reaching his late twenties, Carl decided that if no one was going to offer him a deal, he would do it himself. In 2003, Carl went back into the studio. This time it was to re-record his best songs from over the years and release his own album rather than another demo. The end result was to be his debut album ‘The Big Picture’, released in 2005 and under his own label, E-tone Records. Carl went on to record his second album ‘Flow’ in the same studio. This was released in 2007 and received a great deal of local radio play up and down the country.


By 2009, with the ever growing amount of home recording software available and easier ways to get your music heard and available to buy online, Carl decided to record and mix the next album himself. What started off as an album turned into a trilogy of EPs. ‘The Law Of Love’, ‘Climbing Walls & Jumping Fences’ and ‘The Law Of Attraction’ were released on the same day in 2010 and consisted of 5 tracks respectively.


The following year he released a 6 track EP ‘Awakening’ and, shortly after that, the 9 track EP ‘Big City, Small World’.


By this time, with so many albums and EPs under his belt, he decided to release a best of album ‘Tide’ and a staggering 72 track album entitled ‘Unreleased’. This consisted of a series of new songs, unreleased tracks and many of his old demos. During this period, he was also working on material for a new album.


In 2016, Carl released his finest work to date. The 12 track album ‘Rise’ was 5 years in the making and received excellent reviews. He is about to start filming a host of promotional videos for some of the tracks taken from the album. As well as promoting the new album, Carl is already writing new material. He is also continually writing, recording and releasing material under his various side projects.


To be continued…


“A crafter of beautiful, memorable songs and a gentle genius”  Robert Nichols, NARC Magazine


“He writes the kind of swooning melodies that combine the sunny with the heartfelt”  The Crack Magazine


“An amazing songwriter and a brilliant musician”  Paul McQuade, EXNE Magazine


“Wow. I think Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley would be jealous”  Dale Olivier, Matchbox Recordings Ltd


“An original voice that is both strong yet fragile”  Peter Martin, The Northern Line


“A clever crafter of songs”  Alan Little, Evening Gazette


“A brilliant Teesside singer/songwriter”  Bob Fischer, BBC Radio Tees


“Carl Eaton comes up with relaxed and assured albums with twists and surprising turns”  Pete Burns, The Link Magazine


"An artist Teesside should be proud to call their own” Andrew Pain, Evening Gazette


“Possibly one of the best local songwriters and performers around”  Angie Taylor, North East Live


"A rare rising talent. It's likely Mr Eaton will be around for a good while” Planet Sound, Teletext


"Carl is a highly-skilled songwriter and is gaining a reputation as an artist to watch"  Keith Ames, Musician Magazine


“An obviously outlandishly clever guy”  Robert Nichols, Evening Gazette


“Excellent. Really original stuff”  Mark Page, Evening Gazette